Tart cherry spread – Whole cherries

No-sugar-added tart cherry spread. Whole fruit

Delectable on your breakfast toast and the perfect topping for black forest or cheesecake. This sugar-free spread is adored by young and old alike!

Tart cherry spread – Cherry bits

No-sugar-added tart cherry spread. Fruit bits

The perfect addition to liven up your desserts. Enjoy cakes, yogurt and ice cream like never before. This sugar-free spread is a treat loved by people of all ages!

Tart cherry spread – Cherries and almonds

No-sugar-added tart cherry spread.  

The perfect blend of our delicious tart cherry spread and a hint of almond. This spread is delightful on toast and desserts, and even in hot brie for the ambitious gourmet.

Onion and tart cherry confit

Our onion and tart cherry confit is a perfect accompaniment for meat, cheese and terrine, and will delight your tastebuds—and those of your guests.






Concentrated (tart) cherry juice

Cherry juice is well known for its health virtues and is superb at any time of day. A taste of cherry, whether in a glass of juice or a cocktail, refreshes the mind and spirit!








Tart Cherry dressing

This vinaigrette, with its unique, sweet vinegary taste, is great in salads as well as marinades. Revel in the taste of summer!

Dried tart cherries in 72% black chocolate

Dried and sweetened cherries, covered in bitter dark chocolate with 72% cocoa, are irresistible to amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

Plain dried tart cherries

Whether in a salad, with cheese, or all on their own, dried cherries are just delectable in meals as well as snacks.

Dried tart cherries in yogurt

As a quick snack, cherries covered in luscious yogurt are a treat for your tastebuds – whether you’re 8 or 88.