Tart cherry spread – Cherries and almonds

No-sugar-added tart cherry spread 

The perfect blend of our delicious tart cherry spread and a hint of almond. This spread is delightful on toast and desserts, and even in hot brie for the ambitious gourmet.

Tart cherry spread – Cherries

No-sugar-added tart cherry spread 

Enjoy the fresh taste of tart cherries in a spread that you’ll love on your toast and desserts. Be sure to try it out on a black forest or cheesecake.

Cherry syrup

Let your imagination run wild as you try our cherry syrup on your crepes, your ice cream, and even your favourite meats.

Tart cherries in syrup

Tart cherry syrup is so delicious all year round – whether to cook with or to enjoy all on its own.


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