What is a sour cherry?

The sour cherry is a fruit that is smaller than the average Bing cherry. It can also be called Morello, tart or Montmorency cherry.

The sour cherry (from its botanical name Prunus cerasus) is much more resistant to cold than other cherry trees. It has been cultivated in Quebec since the early 2000s. The new cherry trees, which produce very tart fruit, were created by the University of Saskatchewan to withstand our climates.


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About Unifruits :

Local third generation family business recognized for its quality products; sugar free spreads and other Croque-Cerise product which is currently available in more than 50 retail points in the province of Quebec. Unifruits is among one of the few compagny in Quebec who produce, transform and distribute sour cherry.

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Many products made from sour cherries

Unifruits is proud to present some local businesses that use our sour cherries in their product. With so many diverse tasty products, your taste buds will ask for more.

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