What Is a Sour Cherry?

branche de cerisier griottier

The sour cherry is a fruit that is smaller than the average Bing cherry. It can also be called Morello, tart or Montmorency cherry. The sour cherry (from its botanical name Prunus cerasus) is much more resistant to cold than other cherry tree. It has been cultivated in Quebec since the early 2000s. The new cherry trees, which produce very tart fruit, were created by the University of Saskatchewan to withstand our climates.

There are several varieties of sour cherries. The Crispsons Passion, Carmin Jewell, Valentine, Romeo and Cupid have all elected homes on the land of the Bouchards.

The harvest lasts 3-4 weeks and takes place in July when the fruit is bursting with flavor.

Sour cherries are a real superfood! Thanks to its high content of antioxidants, this delicious little fruit is an ally for your health! By regularly consuming sour cherries, you can help your body limit cellular aging. They also contain polyphenols which are beneficial for your cardiovascular health. Finally, their water and fiber concentration will help you maintain regularity.

How to eat sour cherries?

Sour cherries can be eaten raw - they are increasingly called the sour berry candies. This new flavor surprises our taste buds at first, but quickly becomes addictive.

This sweet and sour little fruit can also be cooked in several ways. Particularly versatile, it is delicious in sweet pastries, but also in savory dishes. It works wonderfully in jams, puree, gravy, pies, dressings, spreads, on ice cream or even on cheesecake. A sour cherry sauce would make a delicious accompaniment to a duck breast. You can also make an exquisite liqueur by mixing the fruits as is in an alcohol solution and sugar and then let stand for five or six months. It also goes perfectly with chocolate, so don't hesitate to incorporate sour cherries into your next recipe.

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