A drink in our honor at La Distillerie de la Chaufferie!

To take a tour of the Distillery La Chaufferie is to adopt it! It is a warm and authentic place which, in addition to distilling their own gin and vodka, offers you many delicious cocktails. And to say! One of the cocktails offered at La Distillerie de la Chaufferie is called Le Madame Croque Cerise, to pay tribute to our sour cherries.

It was after a visit to our cherry orchard that the idea of Madame Croque Cerise came to Claudia Doyon, director of the bar and mixologist at the Chaufferie. "Madame Croque Cerise is Nancy, the producer. When I first met her, she ate cherries all the time” explains Claudia Doyon, mixologist at La Chaufferie

Because it must be said that in addition to bathing in the advanced mixology, Claudia is passionate about the terroir. Always on the lookout for local ingredients, she doesn't hesitate to go to farms or even in the forest herself to pick what she needs and her harvests inspire the drinks she concocts.

Madame Croque Cerise is composed of sour cherry syrup, Furlong gin and Lemay vodka, Mélilot mousse, our boreal vanilla, and dehydrated cherries used to produce the syrup.

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