Dried Cherries

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*** Available in 3 sizes: 120g, 400g or 1 kg ***

Just 1/4 cup of dried cherries brings you a full serving of fruit as indicated by the National Food Guide. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and easy to make part of your diet in multiple ways, dried cherries are a must to have in your pantry at all times!

Use them to make a healthy snack by mixing dried cherries, pecans and your favorite whole grain cereal, or simply add the dried cherries to granola and yogourt.

Add them to your morning routine by mixing our sour cherries into your cereal, oatmeal, yogourt, pancakes or muffins.

Enhance your salads by mixing the sour cherries into your chicken, broccoli or fruit salads for added nutrients and unmistakable taste.

They are also delicious in a couscous or a duck gravy.

They make a great substitute for cranberries or raisins in your favourite cookies.